Doll Outfit Done; Small Confession

Today I finally finished the last piece of Abby’s outfit that I started last weekend.  Here are a couple of pictures of her wearing the whole thing.

Memorial Day Outfit 2The latest pieces are the headband and the leggings.  The dress flairs out quite vigorously, so for modesty’s sake, I felt something had to go underneath, and I thought leggings would be a good choice.  So now the outfit consists of a dress, a shawl, armwarmers, socks, leggings and a headband.  That’s about all she could manage to wear, so I’m calling this outfit done.  In the spirit of mix and match, though, I’m now knitting a top to wear with the leggings when a less dressy effect is wanted.

Memorial Day Outfit 1

Here Abby is sitting on the edge of a table – this is something where the leggings look much more comfortable.  Also, she’s wearing the headband vertically instead of horizontally.  With dolls, you can usually arrange for various pieces to appear quite different when worn in different ways.  This outfit has less of that effect than usual, but still some.  It has been such fun to knit.

I have also resumed work on my Waterlily Shawl.  I brought it to work with me on Friday because I haven’t yet got all the glass (from the deer on windshield incident) out of my knitting bag which contains my Petit-Four socks, which were my previous work knitting.  When I realized that the shawl was in a possession where I had to make a decision, I just decided to keep knitting the last pattern, at least for one more row of diamonds.  I think I will then just put a triple row of snowflakes and look at the yarn that’s left.

The Confession

I don’t know that anyone will have noticed this, but I’ve been away from blogland more than usual since Wednesday.  I have been playing computer games in general since the early 1970s, and for the last ten years, my favorite games have been the Sims games.  I enjoyed Sims 1 and then Sims 2 and now 3.  For 2 and 3, I’ve been seriously enough hooked that I’ve bought each expansion pack as it came out.  And when I have a new one, I find it hard to do anything else on the computer until I’ve at least tried out most of the new features.  There are still quite a few features I haven’t tried, so I’m reading / commenting less than usual and not posting too much either.   One of the things I like about the Sims is that, the way I play it, I can get quite a bit of knitting done in various parts of the game.  I’ve always felt that it was a strange thing to like a game to be slow, but knitters will understand!

The Contest

I thus far have far fewer comments on my contest post than I usually get.  I hope some of you will comment!  It really is a quite good book – I hope somebody wants it!


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3 Responses to Doll Outfit Done; Small Confession

  1. Kate says:

    I love The Sims, too. I’ve barely played TS3 because of lack of time (and have yet to buy any of the EPs), but I was completely hooked on the previous versions. Especially TS2, where I had created a family at the beginning and kept them going through each expansion through the generations til they were pretty much related to the whole neighbourhood and were multi-millionaires! 😀 I miss them: I had to uninstall TS2 to make room for TS3. 😦

  2. Sarah says:

    My oldest son was a computer geek growing up and SIMS was one of his few favorites. I used to love playing all sort of strategic games on the computer and online…but no longer. I am on the road too often. When I am not, I am catching up on reading and playing with fibers LOLr

    Abby is all deck out…gorgeous. It’s been fun seeing her accessorized over the past few days. Great job, Anne.

  3. Laurie says:

    LOVE Abby’s outfit! She reminds me of one of the models in the Alice Starmore Celtic knitting book (official title escapes me…).

    I’ve never been much into computer games…just a little mahjong solitaire every now and then.

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