Restarting a Project

Is starting entirely afresh on a project something you frequently do?  I find that question a little hard to answer myself, so perhaps it isn’t fair to ask it!

When I am knitting a project with some of Meg’s yarn, I sometimes feel that what I’m making is just not worthy of the yarn.  At that point I do frog away and start again.  One example of this is my Waterlily Shawl.  It originally looked like this:

Green in the center, a rather awkward looking center at that (stretched on the edge), the first whole pattern of snowflakes done in pure garter rather than the refined garter/stockinette combination I used for the next one, the first row of diamonds isn’t quite right and there’s a very wavy side edge shown there on the bottom.  The edge in particular looked worse in real life than it does here.  So I frogged it a bit after the point shown here and started again with a new version that now looks like this:

The center is now purple, the patterns are corrected (though that snowflake pattern may be a failure anyhow) and the side edges are better.  In order to avoid what I got last time, I may have made the edge band too wide, but I still think the improvement is noticeable.  And I do like the neck a lot better – I think it will be more wearable too.  If I like how this one ends up, I may make more in this “less than a circle and with the center removed so there’s space for your head” mode.  We’ll see!


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3 Responses to Restarting a Project

  1. Sarah says:

    Nothing wrong with restarting a project. It’s best way to learn and improve. Plus, you get most mileage out of a skein of yarn 😀

  2. Brenda says:

    Ugh! Frogging lace. You are a brave woman

  3. Laurie says:

    I find if I don’t frog when the urge hits, I’ll lose interest in a project and it’ll never be finished. Your improved Waterlily was worth the trouble. 🙂

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