What Next?

OK, I have frogged back the second row of snowflakes and am almost done picking up the stitches.  Next row will involve a lot of fixing, but then I should be able to finish the Waterlily shawl pretty soon.  The Petit-Four socks are also not far from done (finishing up the gusset on the second top-down sock).

So now I have to decide what to cast on or pick up next.  Here are a couple of photos that show my alternatives.  First is a collection of things I probably won’t pick because they’re pretty winter oriented.  But I’m not sure I won’t.

Starting in the back left is a box of roving for thrums and two half-done convertible thrummed mittens that I’m making for Franklin.  The first, which is all the way finished, is too short.  So I made the second one longer and finished the bottom part.  That one needs to have stitches picked up from one half and cast on for the other half and then half a top half-mitten knit.  But I really didn’t leave room for picking up between the last row of thrums and the first row of ribbing.  So I’m not sure where I’m going on that project, but I really would like to finish it some time.  I love the concept, and I think Franklin might find them useful.

Still in the back, to the right, there is a large ball of self-striping yarn and some coordinating roving destined to be thrummed legwarmers for Meg.  Talk about winter!  I really feel that both the thrummed projects will need to wait for fall.

In front on the right is a pair of balls of Zoinks evolutions, one of which has a started knee sock, being knit toe up.  I love how it’s looking, but the heel is really too wide, so that one needs to be ripped back a ways before it’s continued, and there’s no way Meg will wear knee socks for some time.  So I probably won’t pick those back up next either.

Here’s the rest of what I have on hand:

These are all colorways from the club that just ended except for the Warlock (purple and gray on the left.)  In the center back are two skeins of Marigold Arial, self-striping.  (I don’t know how I ended up with two, but I know I didn’t want to miss out!)  This is a very light yarn that makes superb socks.  I would love a pair.  But I must say I’m a bit tempted to make something else – except I don’t really want another shawl.  Then there is a Muse evolution in Marigold.  It’s so gorgeous!  This may become another cowl or neckwarmer.  Hmmm.

In front of that are two skeins in Rendezvous, one Kabam and one Playful.  These are both for socks for Meg.  She isn’t likely to wear even regular socks for a few months, though, so that is a bit discouraging.  Then there is the Warlock double evolution that I was going to make an Empire top for Meg out of.  Then I found out she doesn’t want one in Warlock.  I’d love one, but it probably would need to start again, and I’m not sure there’s enough.  Or maybe for Hazel?  Definitely would need a restart then, mind you.

And finally there is a skein of Petit-Four evolution in Muse.  It has a swatch attached that I just love, but I can’t figure out what I would make.  This is the same size skein as what I’m using for my Waterlily shawl, so it will make something of some size.  And it is beautiful.  And it’s for me.

A beautiful collection of yarns, but nothing is calling out to me.  I really don’t know what I’ll make next.  I wonder about making a smoke ring out of that Marigold Muse Evolution.  I think that would be stunning.  But I’m not sure there’s enough.  Maybe a beret?  Well, I just don’t know right now.  Not the worst kind of problem to have though!


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3 Responses to What Next?

  1. Sarah says:

    All look wonderful. Personally, Warlock stood out. You can’t never have too many classic shale shawls LOL (Or it is a blouse?) Both smoke ring and beret are great quick knits when weather starts warming up. I have a couple of lace to consider for some quickie as time is limited this and next week…middle school graduation, preparing for summer camp as counselor/volunteer, planning summer schedules for our three kids, traveling plans, surgery…oh, how I heart Fall to be here now 😀

  2. Lori says:

    i adore that purple and gray – really, such soft and beautiful yarn. but you aren’t deciding simply based on the yarn, because they’re all so pretty. if your house were on fire and you could only grab one skein as you dashed out the door, which ONE would it be?

  3. Laurie says:

    Hmmm…gorgeous stash all…but I think if I had a supply of Marigold I would knit with nothing else. 🙂

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