Break Coming Up

Tomorrow morning, Franklin, Meg, Jeff, Toby, Hazel and I will climb into Franklin’s minivan and head off for Columbus, Ohio. Meg, Jeff and I are going to be checking out Knitters Connection with the thought that just maybe Meg would like to try being a vendor there next year. She goes back and forth on whether she wants to do that or not.

Meanwhile Franklin and the kids with the rest of us joining in from time to time will be touring Columbus. It sounds as though there are some fun things to do. The driving time is about 4 hours. And we plan to stop at flea markets along the way to give Meg some vintage shopping. Her birthday is on Friday, and she wants to find some things that fit her style just right – and she loves vintage. Meg is a natural decorator – don’t know where she got it. She changes her furniture around every few months. Franklin and I have to work hard to get to the point of deciding where to hang a few pictures – we’ve only been living in this house for 8 years or so, no hurry! (Not that there’s nothing on the walls – when we moved in we hang a few things temporarily, mostly on hooks that were already in place.) But Meg …

Here’s a photo that she took of some of her club yarns, and some things she has around the house.

That’s an owl I knit and some of my old paperbacks.  Her yarn and roving, of course.  And her sense of composition.  So I guess she needs more things to compose with.  She and Jeff live in a 3000+ square foot house built in the 1850s that Franklin and I bought when we moved to Michigan.  Meg loved the house from the first and when she and Jeff were married, we sold the house to them and moved a few blocks away.  That was a good call!

Another little pleasure for our trip is that I bought an iPad yesterday.  It’s loaded with my iPhone apps plus a few new ones I’ve bought specially for the iPad.  And it has three rented movies on it for Hazel.  And a few books for me.  Plus the ones on my iPhone.  I think each of us will get some time with the iPad doing what seems like fun to us.

I have to figure out what I am going to take in the way of knitting.  My new sock for sure.  Anything else?  Maybe, who knows.  And what will I take to wear to show off Meg’s yarns?  Maybe my new Waterlily shawl.  Or the Blaze shawl, or both.

We’ll be getting back on Saturday.  Who knows if I will have enough energy for a post that day, but if not I’ll be posting on Sunday for sure.  I hope you all have a good time while I’m gone!


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3 Responses to Break Coming Up

  1. Sarah says:

    Does Meg want to expand her market share? Will she be able to readily meet new demand possible generated from the show? Is she willing to fork out time and money for the show even she may not get immediate return? Most new vendors don’t see any direct effect/impact for at least first two years. Meg definitely has the desirable/appealing goods to offer. My friend who owns one of the LYS here vended at Sock Summit last year in Portland. Though she was glad to be there, she will not do a show again…for her, she doesn’t dye or spin. So, it was a hard place to be amongst others who did have special truly special/individualized to offer. WEBS was there so she couldn’t compete with the giant so to speak. It’s a tough call…and only Meg can decide if it’s a good investment in this tough economy.

    It sounds like you will be well-equipped for a long road trip, Anne. I am full of envies of your IPhone and IPad. Have a blast touring Columbia. I say bring both shawl as they don’t take up much space LOL.

    Look forward to recap upon your return. I am leaving tomorrow for Black Sheep Gathering myself. It will be more or less a 3-day educational fiber show for me–at least I’m telling myself I don’t need (nor can I afford) anymore new fiber/yarns. I did set aside some money for Niebling’s lace books from Morgaine of Carolina Homespun.

  2. Laurie says:

    You’re coming to KC2010??? I’ll be there tomorrow (Thursday) – would love to meet up with you!

  3. Brenda says:

    Love the owl. And the idea of a 3000 SF house. Think of how much yarn that would hold.

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