I’m Back

We had a great time in Columbus.  Knitters Connection was great fun and we learned a lot.  I had the huge pleasure of meeting Laurie of The Art of Tying Holes Together on the way in.  My first encounter in real life with a blog friend.  So much fun!

Then we had a couple of days of vacation as a family of six – something we’ve rarely done but always enjoy.  Columbus is a very pleasant city – I find it hard to believe that it’s in the top 20 cities by population in the US (16, or maybe up to 15).  We went to the zoo, explored German Village and had a lot of really good food.

More details about Knitters Connection will follow tomorrow.  For now, just let me leave you with the thought that although a minivan will hold six people and a lot of stuff, if you stop at a lot of flea markets and keep finding fascinating and not necessarily small objects, you can end up quite crowded.  I think we were all glad to get home!

I took my camera with me but took not one single picture – I kept deciding that I just didn’t want the extra weight on this particular outing.  So here is another old knitting picture until I have something new to show.

Talon pair back

This is a pair of socks I made for Franklin in August of last year.  This is pure wool, so there’s a risk of holes.  So far so good.  Tomorrow I’ll let you know why I’m paying attention to two-color socks that I have knit in the past.


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One Response to I’m Back

  1. Brenda says:

    2 colour socks look like a lot of work.

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