Socks Again

So I now have three pairs of socks to catch you up on.  First is the Petit-Four socks for Meg.  They are finally finished.  Here is a photo showing both together as proof.

I do like how they came out.  I think they’re a nice combination of simple and fancy – Meg’s yarns really don’t encourage very fancy designs, but I cannot bear knitting plain stockinette, so I’m always searching for the right kind of stitches.

My Marigold socks have one more color repeat.  They’re another pretty good design for the self-striping yarns.  These are my work knitting currently, but work is crazy busy and we just aren’t having many meetings (today, for instance, we had a meeting scheduled that is normally attended by 7 people – 2 were on vacation and 2 working from home, so we just skipped it.)  So these are not progressing very fast.

What I have been working on is my Tequila with Coffee socks.  I just love how they’re looking – see?

This is another of Annie Maloney’s Fair Isle patterns from The Knitter’s Guide to Stitch Design.  It has a couple of slight variants – the checkered strips in mine are 4 rather than 3 stitches wide and the backgrounds are all the same color in the original.  I really think the pattern is gorgeous.  But I’m not sure who they’re for.  My original thought was that they would be for Franklin, but to my utter amazement, he doesn’t like them!  He thinks the colors are ugly.  He almost never reacts that way, so I think these are just not right for him.  And I adore them.  My ankles, alas, are not that much smaller than his, and these seem to fit me pretty well.  So I think they’re mine.  I don’t mind at all!


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5 Responses to Socks Again

  1. Laurie says:

    Ooh! Meg’s socks are lovely – crazy about that pattern! And Tequila with Coffee (two of my very favorite beverages, BTW!) is beautiful. I don’t think I’d ever consider knitting those two colors together, but WOW do they look great!

  2. Sarah says:

    Berry-licious! I love your stitchery choice to show off the gorgeous stripey blocks. The pattern for Tequila is to dye for…make me want to get my copy of Annie’s book collection NOW (I have them on my wishlist…so who knows. Someone may be kind and surprise me.)

    Happy knitting/designing.

  3. Brenda says:

    That fair isle work is stunning. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

  4. redfear says:

    Luving the socks!

  5. Lori says:

    i adore the tequila and coffee color combination! really beautiful together, and the pattern is striking. i like self-striping yarn with socks, but it does present a challenge finding the right pattern…….especially if you get too bored to knit plain stockinette or ribs. i really like the pattern for meg’s socks! is it your design?

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