iPad for Travel

I bought a new iPad, which I’d been planning on doing, just in time for our trip to Columbus, because I thought it might be a good thing to travel with.  And it worked out pretty well.  Tobias has always been great in the car, even when he was three.  Hazel – not so much.  When she was three, she was pretty well unbearable to travel with.  Now she’s 8 and she can read and entertain herself in multiple ways.  But we still tend to plan what she’s going to do on a trip pretty carefully.  Jeff rented three movies of her choice and put them on the iPad.  I already had quite a few games on my iPhone, and through the marvels of modern technology, those were transferred to the iPad as soon as I synched up for the first time.

On the trip down, Hazel read for a while, then watched the first of her movies and played a couple of games.  At one point, Tobias announced that he would like to try the iPad and she gave it up graciously (just indicating that she’d be glad of my iPhone in the meanwhile.  I pointed out to Tobias the turn-based strategy game I’d got for the iPad (specific to the iPad rather than a port from the iPhone) and he went straight to it.  I’ve been sharing my fondness for computer gaming with my grandkids since each of them was two.  And I’m pleased to say that Tobias still likes many of the same games I do – he’s never gotten into the reflex-based gaming in a big way.

Once we were in Columbus, I got the iPad for myself.  I was very pleased to have some games with me, but I chiefly used it for reading.  I gather that there is a dedicated reading app for the iPad, but I had already set up my iPhone for reading and had found the Stanza app to be very satisfactory.  Also, I am able to buy eBooks from Baen publishing that I can download in a format suitable for Stanza, as well as getting a lot of free eBooks in that format (EPUB, I think it’s called.)  So I downloaded several books to the iPhone and a subset of those to the iPad and read whichever one wasn’t charging at the time.  They are very similar and very different to read.  The iPhone is tiny, so you have to turn the page constantly, but it’s really light and works well in one hand.  The iPad is a much more reasonable size for reading – you can even knit while reading from it, with it propped somewhere.  The iPad also has a switch that will prevent the display from rotating – I’ve read that it was designed in for reading in bed.  And it’s great for that.  All in all, I find the iPad to be a very useful object about the house.  I haven’t fully integrated it into my life yet, but it’s getting there.

On the Knitting Front

I couldn’t resist taking another photo of my latest socks just so you could see how the pattern is working out.

The sock is displayed against my Marigold blanket just to show you that a) I am indeed on an orange kick lately but b) the Fiber Optics Yarns orange is not the same as the Marigold orange from Meg.  I must say they look more similar in real life than they do there, though!

At any rate, I am loving this pattern.  I’ve decided to leave these shorter than most of my socks.  They aren’t all that stretchy (a problem with Fair Isle socks in general, at least for me) and I need to have enough yarn left to make a shawlette for Meg with it.  It will be most instructive to try this yarn in a very different stitch pattern on larger needles.  Not that I know what I’ll be making yet, of course.  I’m making these in the style I discovered in The Tongue River Farm Sock Collection, as I posted about here.   I’ve already started the gusset.  We’ll see how it all works out.  The yarn is utterly delicious, and I’m loving Kimber’s colors.  I think these are going to be gorgeous socks!  (Thanks to those of you who have already mentioned that you like them too!)


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3 Responses to iPad for Travel

  1. Heather says:

    You have an ipad?! Thats great! I’ve finally admitted I want one but haven’t figured out yet how to justify it.

  2. Laurie says:

    Ooh! A reappearance of the splendid Marigold Blanket with the gorgeous socks – I’m in heaven! 🙂

    Romeo has in iPod Touch, which I guess is like the iPhone without the phone part. He likes it a lot. We were at the Apple Store at Easton over the weekend and checked out the iPad. I thought it was kind of cute gadget and appreciated the fact that it’s a whole lot lighter than my laptop. I sense there may be one in our future at some point but, in general, we’re Luddites and wait till we clearly see several advantages of things before buying. I think I would love using it as a reader – advantage #1!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Delicious yarn. Delightful pattern. Will mean great socks.

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