Really Random Musing

I can’t decide if I’m engaging in the old activity of cutting off your nose to spite your face or if something completely different is going on.  This is really not related to anything I usually spend much thought on, but I have a bath product dilemma on my hands.

Last year when Meg and I went to TNNA, we stayed at a Hyatt.  They had samples, as usual, of shampoo and conditioner, which I proceeded to use.  Once I had used the conditioner, I examined it very carefully indeed, because I was just blown away.  I thought my hair both felt and looked better than it ever had before.  The chief thing I need conditioner for is as a detangler.  These days, most conditioners don’t even mention that aspect and lots of them just don’t do it, but this stuff really does.  It makes my hair feel just incredibly smooth.

So when I got home, I went on-line and hunted for Portico.  No difficulty at all in finding it or in locating the product I wanted.  And there was even a sale on the White Ginger which is what I had used and wanted to get again.  OK, it was expensive – $14.00 for 6.7 ounces.  Not counting shipping.  But there was a discount for three items of the White Ginger, so I put three in my cart.  I started to buy, but there was no sign of a discount.  I messed around for a while and in the end, I ordered a single bottle of the conditioner.  It came, I waited until my old conditioner was gone and then used this.  I still loved it.  I noticed it quite frequently, and I almost never notice the results of a cosmetic.

I had been getting emails regularly after buying this product and after a while I got another email about a sale that sounded good – 20% off all products or something like that.  This time, I tried putting a couple of different fragrances and at least one different product in my cart and this time when I went to check out it informed me that you had to buy $75 worth of products to get the discount.  Now the email may have mentioned that, but it certainly wasn’t obvious.  So once again I was really annoyed by the site and this time I ended up buying nothing.

When we went to Columbus, we stayed at the other Hyatt (there are two downtown, for some reason) and I used their conditioner again.  And once again I was amazed at how good my hair felt.  So I would really like to buy some more, but I’m mad at the stupid company/site.  So should I ask for some for my birthday in October?  And make someone else deal with the site?  Or bite the bullet and get some now, including one of the other scents?  Or give up entirely?  I just can’t make up my mind.

Random Old Knitting Photo

Anya Hat 1

This is a hat that I knit for the only MSD (mini super dollfie) I have.  She’s about midway in size between my big girl Serena and the little kids that I’ve been knitting for so much lately. Here is Anya wearing her hat.

Anya in Knitted hat and top

This hat is a miniature of one of the hats in Folk Hats – Cable Braid by Vicki Square. It was so much fun to knit and it really works great for a doll. One of my favorite doll knits, actually.


About Knitterly Anne

A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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3 Responses to Really Random Musing

  1. Lori says:

    oh! I’d be angry about it too – I’d feel kind of ripped off, misled. That just seems like bad business, doesn’t it. I have no advice to offer, just a lot of commiseration. 🙂

    and p.s. that hat is SO COOL! i wonder how it would look adult-sized?

  2. Laurie says:

    What a cute little hat for another of your amazing dolls!

    I think I’d try ordering over the phone and let the CSR know the problems you have had in the past. Sometimes that can get you an even bigger discount.

  3. Sarah says:

    Do you have a Whole Food nearby you? Hubby and I often ask the store order products that they don’t stock. At least, I don’t have to pay for shipping. Plus, if I don’t like it, I can return for full refund–no question asked ever! I have been doing this since the 80s when both of us lived in the San Francisco/Bay Area. I rarely had to return anything special order…but it’s of comfort knowing I can especially most of them are expensive items.

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