My Town in the Movies?

I still haven’t had to report for jury duty.  We drove by the courthouse today on our way home from the gym and saw one of the streets bordering the courthouse was closed and there were several trucks and lots of interesting-looking equipment around.  When we got home, he checked around and found out that the next two days will see filming for a DreamWorks production called Real Steel in the Ingham County courthouse.  That’s where my jury duty will be, if any.  I’m definitely not on for Thursday but have yet to get the news on Friday.  Sure would be interesting if I had to go spend the day in the building while they were filming, but I bet this means I won’t go in at all.

Here’s a photo of our courthouse surrounded by the semi-annual event called (once a year) Spring Fling (can’t remember the name of the Fall version.)

Much of the building is hidden by trees, but you can see that it’s a nice old building and in good shape.  We live about four blocks from it.  Apparently the film is being shot in Detroit, so they looked around Michigan for a good place to film the custody trial part of the story.

On the knitting front, I’m down to the toe in my second sock and am trying to write up the maneuvering required for the toe.  It’s a little tricky, but not hard – so I really need to try to describe it well.  But I am getting close to done, so I’m thinking hard about the shawl to make with the rest of the yarn.  I’m really tempted to try to make another of Stephen West’s designs called Akimbo.

This is already designed to be two colors, though I’d probably need to do something a little different since I have the same amount of each of the colors.  Love that pattern, though, and it looks like such fun to knit.


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One Response to My Town in the Movies?

  1. Laurie says:

    Beautiful shawl! The county where I grew up also has a lovely old courthouse. I used to work with a couple who were trying to photograph every old courthouse and every president’s grave during their summer vacations. Made for some interesting trips. 😉

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