I was thinking about what a good thing it is that Meg has borrowed my sewing machine, because she is so much more creative than I am and will likely make some fun things with it.  So I then thought about other areas of craftiness and concluded that I am just not creative – except with knitting.  From at least my high school years, I have been able to knit all sorts of things without a pattern.  Other crafts – I may be able to make things, but I almost always need a pattern.

I have no idea why this should be so.  What is different about knitting for me?  Even for crochet, I really almost always use a pattern.  Knitting – I can knit things quite easily that are fairly complex.  My owl, for instance – I’ve shown you that one several times because I’m proud of it.  I found a photo of an owl that I liked and just started knitting.  I did almost no ripping back.  And I made an owl that looked a lot like the picture.

Not everything that I make is a big success.  I am constantly looking for ways to use striping yarn differently.  One of the things I came up with is this shrug:

Shrug Back Worn

Not terribly becoming, but fairly complicated and it flowed pretty easily.  Knitting is just my “thing” I guess.  How odd!


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A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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One Response to Creativity

  1. Laurie says:

    I wish I could knit without a pattern. I’m not sure I can tie my shoes without a pattern. lol!

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