Naming Patterns

One of the many hard things about publishing patterns is that you have to come up with a name every time.  I used to not worry about this at all – just named the pattern after my project which was frequently named after Meg’s colorway that I knit the socks with.  (That’s how the Circle socks got their name, oddly enough.  I don’t remember even considering that it fit for other reasons.)

I am going to try to actually follow through with the pattern for my Tequila and Coffee socks.  That is the kind of name I don’t want, though.  Here are a couple of shots that Franklin kindly took of them on me.

Tequila and Coffee profile

That shot gives a good view of the side of the toes, which is one of my favorite features.

Tequila and Coffee pair

And that one shows both the sole pattern and the main pattern pretty well.

So what do these socks want to be called? My first shot was Chinese Checkers. The Checkers part is pretty obvious. Chinese is because the main motif makes me think “Oriental.” Also, I am best acquainted with the idea of putting patterns in places that aren’t normally seen from the various things my mother brought back from China in 1937 (my mother was in China with her grandmother when the Japanese invaded.) But the pattern certainly has nothing to do with Chinese Checkers, the game. My next thought was that the socks also have a middle eastern feel to them, so maybe something like Marrakesh or Tangiers or even Mesopotamia.

Does anyone have any other thoughts, or an opinion on those suggestions? This pattern is going to have other challenges (it’s not easy to describe some of the things I did) and I’d rather not have that be an issue too.

On other knitting fronts (sort of, anyhow) I went ahead and started Akimbo with my leftover Black Coffee and Tequila Sunrise. I started with the orange and then switched to the brown, still working on the plain top part. I’d really rather not run out of yarn on the border part. I’ve made a guess on how far I dare go with the plain brown – I need a multiple of 30 stitches plus 11. The “real” pattern starts with 281. I think I’m going to try 221, which means 14 ridges of garter in brown. I’m done with 7. So not too long before I get to the fun part. I’ll show you a picture as soon as I can.  Even if I end up taking it apart again – it may not be big enough to be useful.


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6 Responses to Naming Patterns

  1. sophanne says:


  2. Abby says:

    Yeah, I totally understand that concept. I hate naming patterns. Most of mine kind of end up being just common sense names instead of anything interesting, but I’m constantly thinking about how to name my patterns in progress! People like us need to be able to hire a pattern namer so we can just design with no worries 😉

  3. Laurie says:

    Of course, I love Tequila and Coffee (two of my favorite beverages!), but I’m thinking the design does have kind of a kilim look to it. So maybe something like Byzantium?

  4. Sarah says:

    It reminds me of stone carvings, brick work, stucco and tile panels in Iranian architecture–mosaic–as well as Ghlami — a Persian technique where several colors are painted onto one tile with a brush. How about Achaemenids Adventure? Look forward to seeing your shawl in these gorgeous hues/richness. Happy 4th, Anne.

  5. Lori says:

    I really like Chinese Checkers! Tequila and Coffee is very evocative, but if you want something else, I’d vote for Chinese Checkers. It just fits!

  6. redfear says:

    How about fabulously wonderous sole socks? I like Chinese Checkers too! But if that doesn’t work, I also like ‘Tangiers’
    have you decided on their name yet?

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