Moderate Success

First, thanks for your input on the naming question – I’m grateful for all your thoughts including the acknowledgment that this is a tricky problem.  I loved Byzantium as a name for these, but unfortunately there turns out to already be a sock pattern by that name.  Maybe Byzantine Feet?  Or maybe I will stick with Chinese Checkers.  Still thinking.

In the meantime, here are two partly successful projects to show you.  First is the Akimbo that I tried making out of the leftovers from the Fiber Optics yarn that my Tequila and Coffee project was made from.

This shot gives an approximate idea of the shape and look of the project as a whole.  I don’t think I like the two colors at the start.  Blocking would probably help with the appearance of the edging, but the chief issue is that I just don’t think it’s big enough to be useful for Meg, which is who this is for.  This is exactly halfway through the stripes, and doubling the stripes is just not going to make it big enough to wrap around the way Meg wears her scarves.  So maybe I’ll try again, this time with Daybreak.  Meg has requested that the next Daybreak I make should have one more section, so that it will be even shallower.  We’ll see how that goes.

Another thing I had to knit suddenly was a miniature version of a shape that came into my head as a way to show off Meg’s Evolutions.  Here is a photo of the small sample which is all I’ve done so far.

For this first version, I first knit a collar, which is what is fastened with the hair clip in the photo.  It’s not a tight fitting collar, but is definitely just big enough for the neck.  Then I cast on enough extra stitches to match the remaining length I planned to knit.  That’s the pinkish stitches running diagonally from the bottom left of the photo up to the collar.  I then did some rows of increasing – adding four stitches, about in the raglan positions, every other row until it covered the shoulders.  Then I worked even until i had enough length to match my cast-on stitches.  I sewed the bottom of the seam together but couldn’t do it all the way up and still get it on.

Imagine that the colors are working down from the collar to the hem on one side and from the seam to the hem on the other side.  I think it could be quite dramatic.  I think the color contrast probably shows up best in this shot.

You’ll notice that my little model, Magda, is wearing this at a very different angle here.  I can often get away with that kind of thing with dolls but not in the human-sized version.  I’m guessing that the first orientation would work best there.

On the whole, I’m pleased with this idea.  But I’m not sure at all how the shaping will work out.  I think I might go with actual raglan shaping – it just didn’t seem reasonable to add 8 stitches every other row in such a tiny thing.  I’m also not sure if I want a collar in the human version.  But I think I will try scaling this up – with a different stitch pattern, of course.  Doll scale really limits the pattern stitches that work.

So I guess I will be working on a couple more shawls in the near future.


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One Response to Moderate Success

  1. Laurie says:

    What incredible hair Magda has. Believe it or not, my hair was once that color!

    I like the Chinese Checker name…and the cute little shawl. 🙂

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