Daybreak with Mods

Akimbo is gone and I am experimenting with a modified version of Daybreak.  For comparison, here is my first version which followed the pattern almost exactly.
Daybreak 1 blocking

For reference, the center part of that version increases 5 stitches every four rows.  The center part of the modification I’m trying now increases 7 stitches every four rows.  So far it looks like this:

It can, of course, be straightened out a lot, but I think it really does want to be considerably more curved than the original.  My mandate was to add another section, presumably in the outer part.  I have plans for that also.  We will see how this is looking when Meg sees it tomorrow and whether she’ll vote to go back to the original until the stripes and then add a section.

I don’t think I shared with you an insight that suddenly came to me when I was contemplating how much I like my Waterlily shawl – and how Meg dislikes it.  One (of many) fundamental difference in how we use shawls is that I like mine to consist of one neat layer with minimal overlaps, and Meg likes hers to go round multiple times, making lots of layers.  She doesn’t like them too long, either – more concentrated around her neck.  I seem to prefer mine to go down to about elbow length.  Which is pretty long if you’re not going to wrap it around you a lot.

Interesting how different our styles are.  Or rather, how different Meg’s style is from my way of dressing – I wouldn’t exactly call it style.  My mother was always very conscious of clothes, loved shoes and hats and bags – changed her bag every day to match her outfit.  I buy a bag then carry it until it wears out or (occasionally) I get tired of it.  Meg is much closer in this area to my mother than to me.  Although Meg tends to make her own style much more than my mother did.  Hazel makes her own style, too – and others follow her.  Don’t know where that came from!


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4 Responses to Daybreak with Mods

  1. Lori says:

    Your thoughts about the different styles between you and Meg reminds me of the things people said when I had my son, after having had 2 daughters. It was as if the girls were one thing, and now there’s something different with a boy. Actually, my girls were as different as night and day! It was like having 3 different things in Katie, Marnie, and Will…..which of course is just the truth. Each one, so very different.

    I love the yarn you’re using for the new Daybreak; the color is so fresh!

  2. Laurie says:

    My mother was incredibly stylish, always dressed to the nines. Me…not so much. I remember in the 70s when huge bellbottom pants were in style, I got into my mother’s closet and grabbed a pair of her old straight-legged jeans from the 50s and started wearing them to school. I do remember her referring to me as the “L.L. Bean Poster Child”. As she got older, she began to appreciate my very basic style. For about the last ten years of her life, we loved shopping together and swapping very basic, nontrendy clothes. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    The first Daybreak is gorgeous. I imagine the second one will not be far off either. Meg’s dyed yarns are just downright stunning. I haven’t seen one I don’t like yet!

    Fashion, Style, Trend…such words don’t exist in my mother’s vocabulary bank! She worked hard most of her life to bring food to the table and clothes to me and my brothers. Dressing is more of a necessity for her. Me on the other hand…my glamorous fashion sense was dictated/influenced by my past career…wine and dine clients all the time, then friends off work/weekends/holidays. My daughters’ tastes are of course different than mine too. It’s a vicious cycle…I don’t try to comprehend LOL

  4. Tasha Salwitz says:

    These are all so gorgeous!
    If only mine turned out like this lol

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