Knitting Monogamy – What’s That?

Well , I’ve been having a great time working on Lune.  I love that pattern, and I’m having tons of fun throwing in my small amounts of lace.  So I have made some progress on it.  But as I was working away on that, I suddenly came up with the desire to make, of all things, an iPad cozy.  Why, you may ask.  Well, I do feel as though I’d like to have a little padding on my iPad pretty well all the time.   And, of all things, every time I pick up my iPad, I am amazed at how cold it is.  So what will it be like in the winter?  (Probably warmer than in the summer, actually, since our house is heated in the winter as opposed to air-conditioned now.)

At any rate, I wanted to see where I would get.  But I don’t want a bag to put it in.  I want something that covers the back and the edges, but leaves the screen and the buttons uncovered.  So that’s probably the main reason I need to make this – I want to see how the shaping works.  This is pure impulse.  So I grabbed one of the great pattens from MimKnits that I just bought that I remembered starts with a “counterpane” type motif.  So I started there, using a much too small ball of leftovers (from Meg’s Petit-four Socks).  Here’s how it’s coming.

You can sort of see the motif in this shot.

From here, you can see that in fact I need a lot more yarn.  And also, that the iPad is not square.  My theory is that I will about use up my first color of yarn on the square motif I have begun.  Then I will switch to some other yarn (who knows what) and put some short rows on the sides that need to be longer.  Then I’ll just knit till I’ve got a piece about the size of the back of the iPad, then miter the corners and knit until I’m covering the front border of the iPad, (adding some holes for the buttons as I go) and bind off loosely enough so that I can manage to get it on.

Who knows if any of this will actually happen.  I do keep returning to Lune (which I have an incredibly huge amount left on).  But I would like to see if the shaping I have in mind will work.  So we’ll see.


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2 Responses to Knitting Monogamy – What’s That?

  1. Laurie says:

    I’m woefully ignorant about ipads but have to ask about the possibility of overheating with a cute little cover on it. I’ve been thinking of knitting a cover for my laptop but know it would be strictly for storage when the machine is turned off. That said, love your budding design. 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    ooh – that yarn is really gorgeous! and a little luna diversion over to your ipad cover never hurt anyone. 🙂

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