Enjoying Little Things

Today was a pretty good day for me.  First, I had to exercise – not something I usually enjoy, but today I accomplished a little something.  I usually use the exercise bike for 36 minutes and get from 8.1 to (my maximum prior to today) 8.4 miles in.  Today I felt as though I was having an extra hard time – and for some reason that caused me to up my level by 1, planning to go back to my usual level soon.  But I didn’t need to go back down, and so I ended up going 8.8 miles.  A little thing, but it made me feel good all day.

Then I came home and spent a lot of time knitting my Lunar Evolution.  It went nicely.  I love how the random pattern sections are coming, but I gave into temptation and added another lace panel in the center.  See?

The interesting shaping is showing up better all the time.  And you can see that my random shapes are getting a bit thicker, but I don’t think I’m wildly overdoing it yet.  And you can just see the beginning of the second panel flanking the original one.

Here’s another important thing to show you for Lune.  Here’s my remaining yarn:

You can see that I still have lots of yarn left and even more you can see clearly that the color is on its way to changing.  In fact it is already shading toward blue and after that, it’s going to be heading to pink.  It’s always so much fun with Meg’s yarns to see the colors changing as you knit.

Then we went out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant – Franklin and I took my daughter Meg, her husband Jeff, and her children Tobias and Hazel, plus my youngest brother’s youngest daughter Meredith, who is a year older than Tobias.  We had a good dinner and good conversation.

So it was a very pleasant day.  I do my best to enjoy all the good little things that come my way.  And today, I didn’t have any trouble at all doing so!


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One Response to Enjoying Little Things

  1. Laurie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! I wanted Mexican food yesterday, but our favorite place isn’t open Sundays, so I settled for pub grub and need to ride my exercise bike ten miles today. LOL!

    Color changes are the reason I almost never knit anything with solid color yarn. I’m addicted to that “OOOOH!” moment when a new color appears. Sad, I know… 😉

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