Guest Time

If you can really use the word guest here.  My daughter Meg and her husband left Monday at about 10 AM to head down to Columbus, Ohio (again) to attend a concert.  By Cake, I think it was.  At any rate, grandchildren Hazel (8) and Tobias (14) and my niece Meredith (15) were ours for the duration.  Meg and Jeff have just arrived and the kids have transferred back to their headquarters.

It was a fun time if a bit exhausting.  I find that I just don’t really have the energy for dealing with kids in a quantity of even three.  Two is much easier and one is the ideal.  I must say that I am rather glad that I don’t have very many grandchildren.  Of course I never learned to deal with kids in the multiple in my own life, having just the one child.

I haven’t had the energy for a whole lot of knitting either.  I’ve only done about 8 rows on Lune and about the same on Daybreak.  Not worth any pictures at this point.  Hopefully by tomorrow’s post, I’ll have at least one complete repeat of the second lace pattern in the center back section of Lune and I will take a picture then.

So for now, here is another old photo.

Morag's First Dress

This is my most viewed knitting photograph on Flickr. I think it’s viewed mostly because of the doll. She is my Morag, Tinybear’s Moona doll. I love that Carrie, also known as Tinybear and Sleeping Elf designed this doll and several others and got them made in Korea. And they’ve been quite successful. Morag is very small – only about 7 inches tall and very slim. And an elf. So of course I couldn’t resist making her some shoes:

Elf Shoes, Ribbed Version

Knitting small enough garments for Morag is always a bit of a challenge.


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2 Responses to Guest Time

  1. Sarah says:

    Your fashionable dolls are delectable to view as always. I love the curly fringes on Morag. And the elf shoes are to die for!!! Enjoy your grand kids’ companies while you can and remember to take naps as much as you can, Anne 😀

  2. Laurie says:

    Omgosh…love the elfin shoes!

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