Back to the Cozy

After temporarily deserting Lune for a new thought – knitting an iPad cozy – I found myself back on Lune, with occasional diversions to Daybreak.  But today I was somehow back on the iPad cozy.  Go with the flow, I guess.

Here’s how it’s coming:

I think it’s coming out very pretty.  I see flaws in this picture that I hadn’t noticed in real life, but I don’t plan to let them bother me.  Interesting to note that this is the same colorway as Lune, though on a different base.  The effect is really different even live – and they don’t look vaguely related in my photos.

Here’s an idea of how far there still is to go.

This is the long side (and the front) of the iPad.  Against the short side, it looks a lot closer.  I think I will work to the end of the current chart – just four more rounds – and then switch to stockinette, though keeping the increases in the corners.  When I run out of yarn, which won’t take long, I’ll stick in one of the small balls of this base that I have in solid colors.  Then I’ll do something vaguely log-cabin-like till I have an object about the size of the back of the iPad.  Then we’ll see.


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2 Responses to Back to the Cozy

  1. Sarah says:

    Love the design element for the iPad. I may steal your idea for my laptop 😀 Thanks for being such a wonderful enabler, Anne!

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