Computers and Hobbies

Isn’t it interesting how computers interact with non-computer-based hobbies these days?  Franklin and I have been married for a bit over 40 years now.  During that whole time, we have pursued various hobbies, and each of us has one that has always been important in our lives and which has recently been significantly enriched by computers and, in particular, the Internet.

With me, obviously, it’s knitting.  Blogging is one aspect but I must admit that for me the big computer / knitting interaction is Ravelry based.  There is such richness in Ravelry!  I love seeing other people’s projects, having access to so many patterns and even sharing some patterns of my own.  I’m thrilled by the current effort to classify patterns across so many different attributes – it will make searching a whole other degree of useful.  And the community is marvelous!

Franklin’s computer-influenced hobby is chess.  He’s been heavily involved in correspondence chess since years before we were married.  This used to mean correspondence in the form of postcards.  It cost a lot of money (especially the international tournaments that he frequently joined) and it took a long time – a typical game played with a US opponent took about a year and a foreign game averaged around 2 1/2 years.  And there was a lot of opportunity to make a blunder that had nothing to do with the actual chess and lose that way.  Now he plays mostly via a server.  The time limits are based on the old postal games, so they often have six months time saved up that they can use when they feel like it.  They’ve still speeded up, and the cost is way less.  And the record-keeping is way down, too.  Franklin tried some games by email before the server he uses got going and hated that, but he’s loving the server.

The biggest influence on his chess hobby, though, is that he has so tremendously much more access to the “big” tournaments.  It used to be quite a thrill for him if he managed to find some information on chess in a newspaper – usually a tiny little bit, and chiefly for the World Championship events.  Aside from that, he subscribed to a few chess magazines and got whatever information was in them, several months after the events had ended.  And now there is extensive live coverage of tournaments.  It was listening to a couple of people commenting on today’s games in the US women’s and junior championships that inspired me to write this post.  Several tournaments and matches every year are now “broadcast” over the Internet, so there is lots and lots of information available about them as they are happening.

This is just another reason why I really like computers.  Although I certainly do understand how frustrating they can be!

Irrelevant Photo of the Day

Here is a little sweater I made for my 12 inch boy doll, who doesn’t have enough clothes.  (Girls are just more fun to knit for, at least for me, even when they’re dolls.)

Yo SD Cardigan

And here it is turned so that the other side is forward and it looks like a pullover.

Yo SD Pullover

Here is one shot of it modeled. It just didn’t seem fair to Rod not to give him a little share of the limelight!

So this sweater is just for me?  ADAD 51/365


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3 Responses to Computers and Hobbies

  1. Laurie says:

    Aw…Rod is a cutie with his new sweater, rocker haircut and leather pants. 🙂

    I love Ravelry, too! I know I’ve said it before but, in all the years I’ve been knitting, now is the best time to be knitting. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Internet has changed and shaped my life that I’d ever imagined too. Many knowledge were learned through this useful avenue…not without challenge, of course, with fatal viruses. And as you said, Ravelry is god-send, a wonderful free-spirit and generous community for all. I wish there is one for every craft I am obsessed with…on the other hand, that could be dangerous too LOL

    Rod is one handsome stylish dud! You should show him off with some of his gorgeous girl friends in their hand-knit wardrobes.

  3. Jinann says:

    Lovely sweater!

    I’m loving Ravelry because I find so many wonderful items to knit….but then, I don’t have time to do them all!

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