Knitting in the Last Half of 2010

Here I am, trying to recommence my blogging career.  I just wrote a post describing the first three projects that I knit after I went away, with the promise of two more to come, to finish out the finished projects for the year.  Got it all created, hit “Publish” and got a “There has been an error.  Try again.” type of message.  And it’s gone.  So I’m going to see whether this lame paragraph can be published, and if so, I’ll edit the post to include a second (and doubtless inferior) version of the previous post.

Naturally enough, that seems to have worked.  So …

When last heard from, I was working on Lune.  I finished knitting this in August and finally blocked and my husband photographed it in October.  I just love this shawl!  I am terrible at wearing shawls, but this one even I was able to find many ways to wear.  Here is a view that shows off the lace patterns in the center panel.

Our bushes allow almost the whole shape to be seen.

And here is a picture of the way I usually wear the shawl.  Because I do wear it, much more than any other shawl I’ve ever owned.

I think I’ve gotten a bit better at getting the corkscrew effect, so I may look a bit better than this, though it usually is not symmetrical.  But I often am just wearing it at home, to add warmth.  And if I get chillier, I rearrange it to wrap more closely and get a boost in temperature.  I just love this pattern!  I highly recommend it.

After finishing Lune, I got to work on some socks.  First I knit a pattern I have been admiring since soon after I joined Ravelry (i.e. for almost three years) – Francie by Rebekkah Kerner.  I haven’t knit it before, because I really did not see this pattern as well-suited for striping yarn.  But my Waterlily Kabam yarn seemed to me to have a small enough amount of contrast between sections that I thought it should work.  Francie is a pattern that is based on K2, P2, but there are all sorts of changes rung on that theme!  The leg has lots of variation on the theme (though I found that I had to constantly look at the pattern which isn’t my favorite way to knit.)  Here is how the leg looks in my version:

That shot also shows the really fun toe treatment.  I love the way the sole pattern wraps around and takes over the stitches from the leg pattern.  And speaking of the sole pattern, that is the best part of this pattern.  There is some serious sole-hugging that goes on, and the appearance is lots of fun, see?

Unfortunately, I have very flat feet, so the real glory of this style is not fully apparent to me.  But Meg says it feels much better than a normal sole to her high-arched foot and has requested that I continue using the sole shaping on future socks for her.  She knows how it feels, because the next set of socks I made was this pair (out of a club colorway she really loved called Rendezvous), for her:

This follows the Francie pattern except for the stitch pattern used on the leg.  I stuck with K2, P2 as the main pattern but chose a variant involving twisting some of the knit columns on each round.  I’ve always loved this pattern and its variants, and I think it did very well for a modification of the Francie pattern.  The soles are just like mine, and you can see that I did the toe-wrapping part as well as the sole.

I have six more finished projects to show you, but I think I’ll save the rest for the next two days.  This will allow me to ease back in to blogging with subjects already in mind.  I will not be blogging as frequently as I once did (that was probably part of the reason I needed this extended break) but I will try to keep you updated on the knitting experiments I undertake.  I have missed writing this blog and reading lots of other folks’ blogs and am definitely starting again.  See you around!


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2 Responses to Knitting in the Last Half of 2010

  1. lori says:

    i hate losing a post like that. and they’re always the most brilliantly-written posts, too. 🙂 i am in love with the sole-shaping of those socks. i do have an arch and can easily imagine how they’d feel. i want to make a pair right now….wish i could…but will definitely do that with the next pair i knit.

    happy new year!

  2. Sarah says:

    Welcome back, Anne. It’s always a treat to see your gorgeous colors pairing with perfect patterns designs. I love my socks to fit like a glove so Francie is most suitable for me–somewhat reminds me of Vinnland Socks.

    I look forward to seeing what’s up next 😀 Happy New Year!

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