Knitting since July, part two

During October, I went shopping with Meg and while she was trying on clothes, I spent some time admiring a very slouchy beret (machine-knit) that one of the staff was wearing.  This inspired me with the desire to make a slouchy hat myself, using one of Meg’s evolutions.  I picked out a recently-developed colorway called “Number Two” (think pencil and eraser) of which I am very fond.  I decided to knit it top-down to try to use almost all the yarn without running out.

When I first bound off the hat and looked at it, I saw that it was very far from slouchy.  But it was cute.  Here’s how it looked at that stage, worn:

I was a bit tempted to leave it like that because it was so funny, but I decided to block it instead.  Here’s how it looked while blocking:

And when I wear it now, I think it looks satisfactorily slouchy.  Though not as slouchy as it would be if I could make myself use larger needles for things like this.  I like it, though.

I also made something with my single skein of Marigold muse evolution.  The Ravelry project name I gave this was Marigold Muse Neckwarmer.  Not.  I knit this baby twice and neither version supplies any warmth to the neck at all.  Shoulderwarmer maybe. My first try looked nice off but was completely hopeless on.  I took it off the needles and put it on yarn two or three times and throughout I pretended that it was going to fit.  Once it was bound off, I could no longer retain the illusion.  I had put some minimal shaping in – see the short rows at the top?  But it was basically rectangular.  It looked funny any way I tried to wear it – don’t know what I was thinking.

For the second try, I put in a whole lot more shaping, so it’s now more of a capelet.  The trouble this time is that the neck is somewhat too large.  It would add some warmth to the shoulder area, all right, but the neck is left unprotected.  I may end up frogging this one yet again.  I love the yarn.

Next I knit the second of the two pairs of socks for Meg in her Rendezvous colorway.  This was in her yarn base Playful, which takes color more thoroughly than Kabam, which is what the first pair was in.  I ended up with just one picture of the first sock, next to one of the Francie Feet socks I showed you yesterday:

The sock was knit in a very simple stitch pattern of Knit two rows then K2, P2 for two rows.  Very simple, doesn’t detract at all from the striping.  I added a picot cast on because I needed it to be very stretchy.  I did one of my special gussets that I learned from Katherine Misegades, this time in garter.   A fun pair of socks.

Tomorrow, I will show you the last three finished projects of 2010.  I will also quite soon start showing you some of the things I’m currently working on, some of which are very close to finished – and perhaps blogging them will encourage me to actually get them blocked and the ends worked in.


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2 Responses to Knitting since July, part two

  1. lori says:

    you are such a patient (re)knitter! i could learn a thing or two from you on that front. i do love the hat, it’s slouchily cool, even if it’s not as slouchy as you’d hoped.

  2. Thanks! I’m not as patient as I’d like to be, but I just love Meg’s yarn and really reject things that don’t work in it. (Though she still thinks I put too much pattern in a lot of things – that I can’t get around. I often need to have a lot of pattern, especially in socks.)

    I think the hat is worth having, and the stitch is really quite nice in the end. Maybe I’ll try the pattern again with a larger needle except for the band. Then I think it would slouch quite nicely. Oh, and maybe I’d want a slightly thinner yarn.

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