The Last Three of 2010

Here are the last three items that were completed in 2010.  The first of these is a pair of socks for Franklin, my husband.  I hadn’t made him any socks for a while and it was definitely his turn.  At the same time, Meg decided to start carrying a luscious merino / cashmere / nylon in a nice light-fingering weight.  I asked Franklin if he had a color preference, and he requested “something bright.”  So I decided he would get some Blaze socks.

I remembered a pattern stitch that I had seen somewhere (not sure where) that consisted of small squares of garter and stockinette alternating.  I’m not sure if this is the exact stitch or not, but I love how it worked out.  I also threw in one of the gussets I started using on Show-off Stranded socks.  This time I went with a garter gusset, outlined with slip stitches.  And I threw in the sole shaping, since Franklin also has a high arch.  The yarn feels fantastic, and the socks as a whole were a great success.  Franklin’s wearing them today, I was glad to see.

Here’s a detail of the pattern stitch too.  This also shows off the colors beautifully.

The last two items of the year were Christmas presents that I suddenly decided to knit at the beginning of December.  The first is a hat that I made for Hazel.  I had got a single skein of Duchess in Octarine a while ago, planning to make a hat for me.  When I decided that I needed to make Hazel a hat, I grabbed this skein.  Whenever I make a hat from an Evolution skein, I start at the top, because I really don’t want to end before the last color shows up.  I experimented unsuccessfully a time or two, then decided to use another pattern as an example, which gave me the idea that I needed eight sections.  The pattern used markers to separate the sections, but since I hate them, I decided to slip stitches instead.  Then i invented a pattern of stockinette stitch bands with reverse stockinette and garter bands interspersed between them.  I like the way the crown shaping came out.  (By the way, I used Emily Ocker’s cast on to start and really like the way it ended up.)  Here it is:

The end of the Octarine colorway is a bright pink.  While I was knitting the hat, I decided to make some flowers to decorate the hat with.  Here is how they look from the front.

Then I started on a pair of fingerless mitts for Tobias.  He had indicated that he would like to try some, so I thought about what he would like for a while.  I didn’t want to make the pattern very plain, so I hunted for some fairly plain yarn and found some Dublin in Arial left over from some socks I made a while ago.   When I saw that color, I was inspired to try to create a tree bark pattern.  I came up with some rules for myself that told me how often I needed to shift stitches around per round and started to knit.  I think I did a pretty decent job of reproducing bark.  To give Toby a clue as to what he was seeing, I included a photo in the box:

Here are the mitts.

They look great on, which I have had plenty of opportunity to observe.  Tobias has been wearing them a great deal.  That is always such a pleasure!

Tomorrow I will show you a couple of projects that are blocking at this point.  Then I’ll move on to what I’m currently knitting.  I have lots of projects underway and ideas for lots more.  See you soon!


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2 Responses to The Last Three of 2010

  1. lori says:

    i really am crazy about those oak tree bark mitts – you wouldn’t consider writing up a pattern would you? she asked, smiling and fluttering her eyelashes…. 🙂

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