Knitted Origami

I’ve I have a definite weakness for origami translated into knitting.  A few years ago, I found a pattern in Knitter’s magazine called Origami Bear.  Here is the Ravelry link to the pattern – Origami Bears.  I made a couple of them for Hazel when she was small.  They look like fairly normal bears, but are knit as a flat piece, then folded interestingly in order to make the bear shape.  I hunted around upstairs, and to my surprise I located one still hanging around.  Here is the bear on top of an object I’ll be showing you soon.

As a little bonus, here is Edith, one of my Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, holding the little bear.

And then a few days ago I came across a pattern by one of my favorited designers, Frankie Brown, called Pinwheel Purse and I could not help casting on right away.  I finished it the next morning.  Mine worked pretty well as knit, but Frankie strongly recommends blocking these, so mine is sitting upstairs blocking now.  I just love this form of change purse, but would never have thought of knitting it.  Here’s how mine looks blocking:

Those are fun patterns, and there are definitely more Origami-like patterns out there.  In the book Brave New Knits, which is one of the books I got for Christmas, there is a pattern called Origami Shrug, which looks quite interesting.  And there are those fun slippers that are made with several squares put together in a fun configuration, like this:

The problem with using origami and knitting together in a general way is that origami tends to use lots of layers.  As shown by the little change purse, that does end up very thick in knitting.  But it’s still fun, and there is some folding that can be done well.  Not something I am good at visualizing, so this probably isn’t a form of pattern that I am likely to be originating.  But I can appreciate!


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One Response to Knitted Origami

  1. Sarah says:

    The pinwheel purse has been in queue since its debut. Your color choice is fabulous as usual. The bear looks like fun to make too. I can think of a few appropriate recipients would appreciate one. I will give it a try for sure. The slippers look just like ones I have made felted for my younger daughter and son. Mine were in garter, connecting stripes and folded in a few places and sewn together. They were really quick to make, easy to adjust sizing, and fit beautifully like a pair of gloves on the feet—highly recommended!

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