Another Stephen West Knit

There aren’t really very many designers whose patterns attract me so much that I have knit several of them in the past few years.  In fact, I think Stephen West is the only one.  His designs are consistently interesting – the shapes are geometric and they are practical.  So far, I have made one very small (doll-size) version of Herbivore, which looks like this:

Grasshopper center on back 1

It consists of three triangles and some joining pieces. On my doll, at any rate, it is easy to arrange it in several becoming configurations.

I have also made one and almost all of a second Daybreak. The first Daybreak was given to Meg, and she has worn it a lot. Here’s one of her styles:

And now I have completed a Pogona. This one consists of five stockinette triangles divided by four reverse stockinette shapes. I had some Duchess (a DK weight yarn), dyed in Juliet, one of the colorways from the November club. I just love these colors and how they work with the design. Here is one of the two ways I’ve managed to find to wear it.

Juliet Pogona Front 1

This way, it has the center triangle in the back. Here it is with the center triangle in the front. And to add to the interest, I put it on inside out. (In other words, it was freezing cold and I was in a hurry.)

Juliet Pogona Front 2

I love these patterns in many ways. I also think his hats are great. But what I chiefly feel right now is that I’m starting to see how these designs work, and I want to design something similar myself. But with pattern stitches beyond stockinette, rib and garter, which is what he chiefly seems to prefer to work with.  I think it will be fun to try, anyhow!


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3 Responses to Another Stephen West Knit

  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE THEM ALL…especially the doll-size one! I agree his lens in shawl is interesting and has taken the knitting community by storm in short period of time. However, I believe your creative talent is just as good as his. So, pull your pad and pencil out and start sketching away, Anne. Nice thing is that you’re honorary member of Meg’s company and have unlimited source of beautiful yarns to work with. Go for it. I will look forward to your next fancy, Anne 😀

  2. Lori says:

    i’ve been wanting to knit some of his patterns but just haven’t found the time yet. they really are striking and unusual. i LOVE your pogona!

  3. Miss Marty says:

    Stephen West is one of my favorite designers. He patterns are a delight to work with and are almost additive.

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