Rebooting a Colorway

Meg has her own terminology for a lot of things.  In her terms, rebooting is what she does to an old colorway which she hasn’t dyed yet with her current set of dyes.  (It has been taking a long, long time for her to fully recover from the sudden discontinuing of her former dyes.)  Meg tries to introduce new colorways steadily, but also to bring back older colorways for which there is some demand.  Angst and Ankh were recently brought back and now it is time for Xavier.  This is a colorway with some turquoise shades plus yellow to brown.  And the sample Meg gave me for the tube was in her new merino / cashmere / nylon base Yummy.

Here is the side of the swatch in a pattern stitch.  (The colors were way off, especially the blues, so I adjusted it some – now the browns are a bit off.  But over all, it’s closer.)

And here’s the plain old stockinette.

Very untypically for me, I like it better.  I wish you could see it in real life.  The colors are gorgeous, and the yarn base is great.  This is a 48 stitch swatch and it’s 3 3/4 inches across.  I’d probably go down a needle size or two for socks (this was knit on 3 mm, US 2.5 needles) and then 48 stitches would be just about right for Meg.  And socks do go fast when they’re only 48 stitches.  When I finish the club colorways, I may want to knit some Xavier socks on Yummy for someone.  On the other hand, by the time I finish with the last club, the next club will probably be upon us.  What trials I do suffer – not!



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2 Responses to Rebooting a Colorway

  1. Sarah says:

    Ironically, I prefer the patterned tube over the stockinette one, typical of me, isn’t it. What a challenge that is, Anne, to have so many samples to knit up, feeling those yummy, luscious yarns between the fingers! How I’d LURVE to have that issue on my hand…oh, actually, I can relay as my hands are tied in test-knitting 😀

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful dyed-yarns. I love hearing about what different dyers do/think about their process.

  2. Laurie says:

    Beautiful yarn! This is what makes Meg a genius – I don’t think I’d ever come up with that color combination, yet it is gorgeous.

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