Real Pleasures

One of the pleasures in a knitter’s life is seeing people actually wearing things she (or he) has knit.  I’ve been lucky throughout my knitting career in that all my family has always been good about appreciating knit things.  In recent years, mostly the things that have been truly appreciated have been socks.

I started knitting socks for my husband in June of 2002, and from the beginning, he has loved them.  At first, my plan was for him to use them as bed socks – he had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and his feet were very cold at night.  Soon, though, he started wearing them all the time.  He now wears athletic socks for exercise, but the rest of the time he wears the socks I’ve knit him.   And he shows them off all the time – both in person and on-line.  And, bless him, he likes colorful socks.  I really feel for all those women who have to knit black stockinette socks before their husbands will wear them.

I have made him several pair from yarn Meg has dyed, and he loves them – as do I.  Here are a few:

Slinky Stripes - Kismet and Netherfield

Talon Socks - Talon and Dublin

Tree Socks - Liberty

Bright Checks - Blaze (he requested "bright" socks)

I also make socks for myself (which I certainly appreciate!) and for Meg, who wears them whenever she can.  A couple of pairs I have made her relatively recently are:

Petit-Four Socks


Francie Feet – Rendezvous

I also knit things for my two grandchildren from time to time.  Hazel, who is nine, is a dream to knit for.  She loves knit things, especially if they have any touch of glamour.  She wears a scarf or shawl, mostly knit by Meg, almost every day now.  I gave her two hats for Christmas, and she usually has one of them on when she comes to my house.  And when I showed her my first beaded project, she loved it!  Here is a photo of it on her hand (it looks so much nicer than with my wrinkly ones – some things are just youthful by nature.)

Aquitaine cuff - Waterlily

I’m working on the second one right now.  I hope to have it done by the time she comes over tomorrow, so I can give them to her.  How nice to have an appreciate granddaughter!

The most surprising success that I’ve had recently, though, is with my grandson.  He’s 15 and does not like scarves or cowls.  He used to wear knit hats all the time, but no longer.  So for Christmas, I came up with the idea of giving him a pair of fingerless gloves.  And I designed a pattern that I really liked for him – here are the Tree Bark Mitts:


Tree Bark Mitts - Dublin (left over from Franklin's Talon socks shown above)

I have seen Toby wear these mitts almost every time I’ve seen him since I gave them to him, which is a lot.  He says he wears them almost every day.  He’s worried about what will happen when they wear out – he looked through my old stash (i.e. yarns that Meg didn’t dye) and picked out a ball of Rowan wool/cotton that he really liked the feel of.  He’d like another pair like these.  He’s also very interested in a pattern I picked out for him on Ravelry:


Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets

The pattern is called Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets – and James Gillaspie is the name of the designer of the 15th century armor that these were modeled after.  And look at all the details in that pattern!  I’ve bought the pattern and started knitting it out of some gray Cascade 220 I had around.  They looked a bit large, so I measured, and Toby’s general slender build means that I need to use a smaller yarn for him.  He may be over 6’2″, but he doesn’t weigh very much.  So I’m going to “order” some gray yarn from Meg in her new sport-weight base Yummy (merino / cashmere / nylon) and make them in that.  I’m really looking forward to it.  And I’m really pleased to have found something knitted that Toby really likes – even at age 15.


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8 Responses to Real Pleasures

  1. stitchknit says:

    Love your beaded mitts!

    I’m working on my first beaded knitting project now……..and I can feel another addiction grabbing hold of me as I work on it.

    Happy Knitting!

  2. Laurie says:

    The beaded mitts are wonderful, as are the gorgeous gothic gauntlets (sorry, alliteration attack…). How lucky that you have a husband who likes colorful socks!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    You’re truly blessed, Anne. My girls are too freckled to knit for. I’ve knitted them vest/sweater but I’ve hardly ever seen them wear them. Socks are out of the question because they don’t care for woolly socks and I absolutely refuse to knit them out of cotton. Although recently I’ve spun some yarns my 10-year-old boy said he would wear them 😀 For hubby, I recently am thinking to knit him socks again trying out some new stitches–though I’m not excited as he has a shoe-size of a giant (Man’s 13!)

    My favorite dyed yarns out of your sock collection is Kismet and Neverfield, the colors showed off the gorgeous stitches very well–a perfect complement, indeed.

    How on earth did you find Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets! I can’t imagine why anyone would refuse a pair 😀 I will add that to my knitting queues LOL…someday, I will knit a pair for each of my family members.

    Thanks for the show and tell, Anne. I am not full of ideas of what I want to do in the month of February…oh, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it!

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes, the beaded cuff turned out glorious. Hazel has great taste just like her mum and talented grandma!

  5. Lori says:

    OH how lucky you are! And how amazing your grandchildren are, to have such an appreciation for the things you make. I hope I am as fortunate when I get grandchildren. AND p.s. I adore the slinky stripes socks.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful socks!! I wish my husband would wear colors, I really don’t want to knit him black socks. So glad you like the gauntlets, thanks for your support! You can use the Cascade, you just have to knit it tightly, at a sportweight gauge. The sportweight yarn will work fine too, it just won’t be as dense. I hope Toby enjoys them!

  7. Marie says:

    As the proud “owner” of my very own 16 year old I am very impressed with your grandson’s enjoyment of his fingerless gloves – his regular use of them is high praise indeed!

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