Anya Models

Just a quick post today to show you how Anya looks in her beaded top.  In this view, the top is oriented with the fastening at the back.

Anya Beaded Top fastening back

I like the way the collar and yoke look. I think the cap sleeves are pretty nice, too.  I’m not sure that the flare of the bottom part is as pronounced as I was looking for.  I thought I might have increased too much, but maybe it wasn’t enough.  I think the beads show up pretty well, too.

Here we have the fastening in front:

Anya's Beaded Top Front Fastening

My blocking may not have been perfect – the two points at the front aren’t even at all.    But if Anya had a plain top – maybe an orange long-sleeved one – this would look nice over it.  It can work as a vest pretty well.  I think I like the beads on the edges of the collar and the cap sleeves.  I might consider actually adding a fastener some time.  At this point, one of my blocking pins is doing duty as a fastener as well.

I do think the stripes are excellent for this shape.  The yoke and cap sleeves are very smooth in stripes, and the chevrons also look very nice in the stripes.  I do think I would like to design something along these lines for myself, Meg and Hazel.  All of us like Empire style tops and they are becoming too.  I might go with stripes or, more likely, this design might want to be made in an Evolution colorway.  One of these days!


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3 Responses to Anya Models

  1. Sarah says:

    You have done it again, Anne. This is just amazing…color, design, and glorious color-coded beads. Are you going to make it life-size for Hazel perhaps, or yourself? By the way, where did you order Size 7 beads? It’s not a common size and I’d love to get my hands on some.

  2. Kirsten says:

    I’ve had such a fun time looking over your striping projects. You’ve really got the knack for working with these wonderful yarns. Beautiful beautiful stuff!

  3. Laurie says:

    Beautiful top! I’d think you could sell a people-sized pattern of that. I’d love to knit it, and I can think of several other folks who would love it, too. 🙂

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