We Interrupt our Fingerless Mitt Discussion …

I know I said that I would show you the start of my fingerless mitt for Franklin today, but Hazel is here with one of the hats I’ve recently given her and the beaded cuffs I made and gave her yesterday.  So a few Hazel photographs are in order!

First the hat.  This was a really fast hat to knit, because this is made of one of Meg’s new yarn bases called Empress, which is really fat.  For once, I ended up using a pattern someone else had designed, called Hannah.  It fits, more or less, as knit:

But I think I like it even better with the brim turned up.  Hazel enjoys modeling and can be quite a ham!

And here is the pair of cuffs as only Hazel could show them off!

Beaded Cuffs with Hazel 2

I love the way Hazels young hands look in these beaded cuffs!
Beaded Cuffs 1

But probably what I like the most is Hazel’s excited response when I gave them to her.  “Are these for me?  Oh, they’re just so me!”  People who respond this way to knitted gifts are definitely likely to get more.

So tomorrow, fingerless mitts for Franklin.


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2 Responses to We Interrupt our Fingerless Mitt Discussion …

  1. Laurie says:

    Love the hat and mitts – and Hazel’s snazzy nail polish. I think the hat looks better with the brim turned up, too – the color contrast is more apparent that way. Lucky Hazel, and Lucky You – a perfect knitting combination!

  2. Brenda says:

    Such wonderful pictures. Hazel is beautiful. It amazes me how these young girls have such photographic charm and poise. The beaded mitts look great on her.

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