Work was No Fun Today

Some days at work are just sort of ordinary not fun – you know, you’re doing boring stuff and it seems as though the day will never end.  Then there are days like this …

I’m part of a team of people who support a computer product that we designed and still develop.  We deploy it to new customers and also support existing customers.  As of yesterday, the team consisted of one programmer in our office in Michigan and two in Malaysia, four analysts in Michigan and two working remotely.  And last night the Michigan programmer and one of the analysts plus one of the remote analysts were laid off or RIFfed as our company calls it (Reduction in Force).  One third of the team gone as of Friday.  At least they didn’t do the “You’re fired, let’s go get your desk emptied and get you out of here” like last time.

I don’t know how we’re going to be able to accomplish anything.  Three nice people looking for jobs in this economy.  Just a bummer all around.  Cost cutting – the way things are.  But my company always boasts about how they put the customer first and also how employees are the lifeblood of the company, blah, blah, blah.

I really worry about this country.  My father worked for the same company for about 35 years and gave them complete loyalty – which they repaid in kind.  I’ve worked for this company – sort of – for over 15 years and I have no confidence that I won’t be let go tomorrow.  Thank goodness I just have 11 months till I retire.  But I work with some great people (still) and I don’t want to see them left high and dry either.  And I honestly don’t see how this company is ever going to survive.

When I joined this company it was a medium-sized company with a few thousand employees and a great reputation with customers.  They hired the best and it showed.  The owners/founders of the company really believed that employees were what the company was – which is of course true for a service company like this.  But the founders sold the company to a bigger company that wanted it for financial reasons, but just left it alone.  A few years later though, it sold our company to another one, much larger.  And this big company was recently bought by another big company.  And the current management seems to think that employees are interchangeable cogs.  Boy does this not work!  I’m afraid this is the way most companies think now.  So I don’t know where we’re heading.

Oh, well, I’m always a bit worried, but today I’m not very sane on the subject.  So let me show you a random knitting photo just to supply one small bright note in this melancholy post.

That is a miniature version of a hat from the Knit one Below book.  It’s made of two of Meg’s colorways chosen because I had a bit of each in the yarn weight I wanted to use.  I thought they didn’t go together at all, but I love how they work with each other in this.  I really must knit more things with two striping colors together!


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5 Responses to Work was No Fun Today

  1. Brenda says:

    I am so glad to be retired. I had exactly the same work scenario. A really nice company sold out to greed mongers. People let go right and left. Customers unhappy, staff unhappy. i am so glad to be out of it.

  2. Laurie says:

    I can so sympathize. My husband works in IT and went through a series of about half a dozen jobs at wonderful small companies that were then bought out by bigger companies. He has been laid off more times than we’d both like to count. Luckily, he landed at a very large company and has been there for about five years now…it seems stable, but we know that in these times and at his age, nothing is really stable. I wish he had only 11 months to go till retirement.

    Love the hat – it is definitely cheery! I’ll bet it would look perfect on one of your beautiful dolls. 🙂

  3. lori says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh……….that’s awful. the chronic vague threat of possible layoffs is extremely stressful. constantly wondering if you’ll finish out the day employed, so stressful. dreading the sight of the HR people on the floor, so stressful. and worse is when everyone knows a round of layoffs is definitely coming, but not the when of it. it’ll be this friday, i heard…next week…on monday…at the beginning of the month…tomorrow.

    modern work life, exacerbated by the current job depression — but really, i think it’s just an extension of a bigger shift. the work world really isn’t like the one your dad had, is it. i hope you make it through the next 11 months intact, and i hope your friends find something soon.

  4. Kirsten says:

    There is nothing easy to say about this, except that I hope your energy is renewed somehow, that the humor fairy visits you regularly, and that you have spaces in your day for rejuvenation. It is the pits.

    Very fun hat though. I have to get back to the brioche.

  5. Sarah says:

    It brings back so many unpleasant memories when I worked directly with my CEO in the 90s. It was the worst of time when I knew who is going to be let go next and those were my friends, not just my co-workers!!!! That part I do not miss leaving the corporate world. I hope you’ve bounced back, my dear Anne. Life is too short to worry about what’s ahead. I’ve found loyalty has disappeared long ago. People are working for their paycheck. Companies look at workers as number. Sad. The hat is charming and cheerful. I love K1B and brioche. Beautiful!

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