Where Was I?

Before I was interrupted pleasantly by Hazel dropping by to model and less pleasantly by work issues …  I do believe I was discussing the fingerless mitts I am working on for Franklin.  A few weeks ago, I was helping Anne Bohl (Meg’s associate at Twisted Fiber Art) do inventory.  We got to the “seconds” collection, and I was shown something I hadn’t seen or had (somehow) forgotten.  Meg has several skeins of yarns that she dyed several years ago on Arial, her light-fingering weight 100% merino base.  This was back when she was using quite a different technique, and she tended to have leftover dyes.  She put a bunch of leftovers in similar colors together and dyed several skeins.  Here are three of the four colors I stole a skein each of:

I showed all four to Franklin and asked him what color he’d like for some fingerless mitts.  After some confusion on his part (“Those are almost solid colors.  Are you sure these are Meg’s?”) he said he’d like the brown or the purple.  I thought the brown would work well with some other colors, so I decided to give him the purple.

I thought I’d do twisted 1×1 rib for the cuff and the palm of the mitts, with a cable on the back.  I picked out a cable from Annie Maloney’s The Cable Knitting Handbook (number 44) and designed a back with a cuff leading up to the cable and incorporating a small cable on each side.  Here’s how the palm currently looks.  You can see the thumb gusset almost to the point where it will be set aside.

The color in real life is a bit redder than that, but it’s pretty close overall.  And you can see that calling this a solid color is an exaggeration.  But it’s not stripes and it’s not an evolution.  It’s a very useful yarn, though!  Here’s how the back is looking at this point:

I’m just a little over halfway through the first repeat of this cable.  It has the three twisted ribs on each side for a fair amount of the cable.  I started with that part, and they’re about to appear again.  We’ll see how it will look.  At any rate, I don’t think it’s going to be boring!  It certainly isn’t monotonous to knit.  Looking forward to getting these done.  We’ll see if Franklin finds them useful.  (He’s been sitting rubbing his hands together a fair amount this winter – as have I.  It’s just been cold!)  Maybe I’ll make myself a pair in two colors – either two of these or one of these and a striping colorway – once I’ve finished this pair.


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2 Responses to Where Was I?

  1. Laurie says:

    It has been an evil winter, hasn’t it? We’re looking forward to a big warming trend in a couple days though. I love the purple yarn, the brown, too. Actually…yeah..I love them ALL! 🙂 I think Franklin’s hands will be quite toasty and happy!

  2. Marie says:

    Ooooo that centre cable looks wonderful and warm – these are going to be great!

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