First Mitt; Sock Progress

I’ve been working mostly on Franklin’s fingerless mitts lately, since I really want him to have a chance to try them out while it’s still cold.  So the first one is done.  I haven’t got modeled photos yet; will hopefully have some for the next post.  Here is a flat picture that gives the overall feel and the color pretty well:

And this picture gives a much better feel for the cable.  In real life, the cable stands out beautifully, much closer to this detail picture than to the one above.  (And of course, real life is much less blurry.)  I love the way this cable has three twisted ribs which merge into and then regrow out of a large braided cable.  Annie Maloney has such fun cables!  I wasn’t sure how to end the mitt, so I decided to turn the top of the cable into a simple and not very elegant circle style.  I rather like how it came out for just decreasing, no fancy maneuvers.

I’m pleased to say that I’m about an inch into the second one.  For me second sock, mitt, etc. syndrome seems to be preventable if I get started on the second right away.  Usually, anyhow.

In between bits of progress on the mitts, partly at work, I’ve made some more progress on Meg’s Moss and Sand socks.  These are the ones I’m doing in her Intrigue colorway with bands of Moss Stitch wherever the prevailing color is blue and Sand Stitch for the pink.  I decided to try one of my integral gussets.  Usually I follow the inspiration I got from the Tongue River Farm Sock Collection and make these gussets in a complementary pattern.  This time, I decided to just work increases into the pattern stitch.  The result is the least conspicuous gusset I’ve ever made.  Here’s a photo of it:

(The funny bump on the right side of the picture is the tip of the yarn end showing.)  I’ve already turned the heel in this shot.  I’ve ended up with not quite as many stitches as I would have expected for the sole.  Also, the heel part is shorter than usual.  And I’m a bit nervous that the cast on isn’t loose enough.  So I’ll have to get Meg to try this on to see whether or not to keep going.  Even if I do decide to frog and start again, I think I’ll start this sock again, just with some details changed.  I love this sock, and it suits Meg’s tastes very well.



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2 Responses to First Mitt; Sock Progress

  1. Sarah says:

    The mitt in Annie’s cables look fabulous. I love the textural interest. Great pairing of project and stitchery, Anne. Fingerless mitts are very versatile and I wear them year-round.

    It’s always interesting to see what stitch you play with in your socks. It’s intricate yet not overpowering the colorful yarn. It would be a bummer having to re-knit this one all over…hope it works out, Anne.

  2. Laurie says:

    Lovely stuff, as always. I love the color combination for the sock yarn.

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