The Gauntlet that Ate My Weekend

As I mentioned before, I promised my grandson Tobias (I keep slipping and calling him Toby, but I’m trying to learn) that I would make him a pair of the Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets I found on Ravelry.  I’ve been wanting to make them, and on Friday I got the yarn from Meg.  It’s a nearly-solid gray coordinate to her new colorway Crush.

I got it in the last base yarn in the photo – Yummy.  And it is!  It’s Merino / Cashmere / Nylon (80/10/10).   And it’s a very round and smooth yarn.  It’s delightful to knit with, and it makes a marvelous-feeling fabric.

I started the gauntlet on Saturday morning.  And I worked on it for most of the day.  I kept telling myself I was going to do something else, and I kept not stopping.  I finally stopped this morning (after three more hours of knitting) once the body of the first mitt was done.  It was such fun!  I really like the pattern.  The amount of variation is amazing.  I love making things that aren’t monotonous, and this really wasn’t.  The pattern is not perfect, but it’s easy enough to figure out what’s wrong.  I love how it looks, mostly.  Here’s the back:

I haven’t added the thumb yet – I want Tobias to try it on first.  And you can see that the top of the cuff is definitely too large.  That’s mostly my fault.  I was using size 4 (3.5 mm) needles when I began.  I worked about 6 rows that way and decided it was too big.  I went to size 2 (2.75) thinking I’d try them and see how it went.  And I couldn’t stop, so I never corrected the beginning.  Oh, well, the metal gauntlets often seem to look quite flared at that point.  But look at all the action that’s going on in that pattern!  It was such fun to make, and I think it really does give an “armor” appearance.  Here’s the palm side:

Look at the detail on that side.  And you can see that the thumb has its own pattern.  Totally entertaining to knit.

And how it feels?  Wow, this yarn is just incredibly smooth on the skin.  Hazel was over this afternoon and I showed this to her.  She said it looked very nice, but she obviously wasn’t thrilled with it.  Then she tried it on.  “I want it!”  she said.  And that’s kind of how I feel.  I need a pair of long mitts in this yarn.  And so does Hazel.  She wants one in colors – Crush (see above) is a colorway she really likes, so that may be what she gets.

I also have 350 yards of this yarn in a colorway called Maple from the last club, which is absolutely gorgeous.  And now I know I don’t want a shawl out of this.  I want something cabled.  I think a big cowl, to cover the neck and shoulders.  I’m swatching for it now.  But once the size of this gauntlet is confirmed, the second one will be knit soon.  I’m looking forward to it!


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2 Responses to The Gauntlet that Ate My Weekend

  1. Sarah says:

    Yummy delicious. Lovely cashmere blend! What haven you live in…full of envy!

    To crank out such majestic gauntlet to please a lad, eating up a weekend is well worth the effort. Very very appealing, full of architectural interest. I imagine one would feel lively as a shining knight. It makes such a wonderful gift. Thanks for another awesome inspiration. I’m charged 😀

  2. Laurie says:

    Wow! Love the pattern, but especially love the Crush colorway. Do you have to be a club member to buy it?

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