Ziprelaxagons with a little Herbivore

I’ll start by showing you what I worked on all week at work last week – my Herbivore.  When I last showed it, there was quite a lot of the central ribbed triangle, but just the very beginning of the ribbed triangles at the center front.  And the color was just about solid.  What I knit last week mostly was in a new shade – the original (in real life) is a gorgeous coral, and it’s now gently transitioning to a bright scarlet.  I wish I could capture the colors!  In this picture you can see that some kind of color change is taking place, and you can see that the outer triangles are well under way.  And the rows are getting quite long already.  Looking forward to the result.

From Thursday evening to last night (Monday) I’ve been working on knit samples for Meg’s club yarns that will be going out very shortly.  Two colorways I’m looking forward to knitting!  But today (I’m on vacation this week, by the way) I had the time to get back to my Ziprelaxagons.  What a fun pattern!  This morning I finished tier 3 and got my husband to take a few shots of the sock on my foot, because it fits my foot much better than the foot dummy.  Here is one of those:

This view shows the two kinds of hexagons.  The flat ones (at the toe) are the same ones as on the sole, but the three at the top here are the stretchy kind, with ridges.  Love them, and love the marvelous details on this pattern.  Kristen has given lots of ways to get the size right – I think these are going to work fine, but if they don’t it will be my fault, not hers!  The tricks she uses to knit the whole foot without cutting the yarn are really ingenious and should be useful in all kinds of modular knitting.   That’s one of the reasons I’m awfully glad I’m knitting this pattern.  I also like how the colors are coming out.  In this view, you can see that the early hexagons are mostly either orange or green, but this pattern is changing so that there are more of the combination type.  (I think the stretchy kind of hexagon, which we’re working with from now on, because it has more rows is more likely to be a combo type.)  I like them both ways.

So this afternoon, I went ahead and put in the heel.  There’s one hex that goes under the heel and two that cover the back of the heel.  What a difference it makes to the fit!  I decided to just go ahead and get some photos at this stage on the sock dummy.  Here’s the bottom of the foot:

Doesn’t that fit beautifully?  And here is one of the sides:

Stretched out, this even fits the foot dummy pretty well.  A highly entertaining knit, and I think I’m really going to like the socks, too!  And it’s inspiring me to think about designing some more complex shapes.  For some reason, I find myself wanting to knit a doll with quite a bit of shaping and minimal seaming.  Don’t know that I will, but I think it would be fun.


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5 Responses to Ziprelaxagons with a little Herbivore

  1. Lori says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. those socks are amazing. i’m off to your rav page to track down the pattern. wow.

  2. Sarah says:

    I was wondering what happened to you in the last few days. Now, I get why you’ve been out of sight, Anne 😀 I’ll bet samples for Meg’s new purty dyed yarns must be fun and gorgeous.

    I too can’t wait to see the next stage of Herbivore in beautiful gradiance. Lately I have been itchin’ for some selfish lace knitting. One of Stephen’s latest shawl entices me to explore in one not-so-traditional. So pencils and torn papers are flying everywhere but no knitting yet. I have to get a few more shop samples done over next few days to drop them off in Portland next Monday.

    I LOVE your progression and color introduction in the socks, and share your excitement. Kirsten and I talked about expanding the techniques to other projects when editing the pattern in depth. I even used the zipper joint technique on a mystery knit project recently–perfect seaming. I have some shawl project sketched and can’t wait to actually play with the idea. I’m sure yours will be fabulous.

    Enjoy your vacation, Anne. I will be off to the valley and Portland for spring break next week. Now back to my knitting needles 😀

  3. Kirsten says:

    Meg’s yarns are AMAZING. Those colors are fabulous. I need to check out her yarn club!

  4. Laurie says:

    The heel of that hexagonal sock is just too darling! Love your Herbivore, too. I might have to move that one to the top of my endless queue. 🙂

  5. Marie says:

    Those socks look more like magic than knitting! The colours are particularly wonderful with the shapes!

    I know what you mean about knitting toy dolls/animals – the construction is always fascinating!

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