Two weeks ago today, I started off on a week of vacation, with high hopes for accomplishments in knitting and having fun.  Alas, it was not to be.  Instead, I had most of a week of sickness followed by most of a week of medicatedness.  So I have accomplished very little knitting recently.  I’m doing better now, so I’ll show you what I have, which is some swatches for Meg.

First is this one, which I finished before I got sick, but have not shown till now because it is part of Meg’s current club.  It has been distributed, though, so I can show it.  This colorway is called Dusk, and I love it.  I haven’t decided what to make in it, but I will be putting in a request when Meg’s ready to dye it again at the end of the club.  Here it is:

The stitch is a simple basketweave variant – one of those “just start knitting and see how it comes out” stitches I’ve been swatching a lot lately.  Not the best, but sufficient to show the beauty of the colors (though, as usual, my camera does not do it justice).

Next comes one that I finished in the early days of my sickness.  This is the second colorway of the month for Meg’s club, and my husband really loves it.  It’s called Hijinx.

This simple pattern stitch seems to me to show off the colors really well.  I love simple texture stitches, and this is a beauty.  Every other row knit, the others P3, K1, staggered.  Very little thought, but a lovely dense result.

This week as I emerged from my stupor, I started work on some of the samples Meg gave me of current colorways.  First is Zoinks, a fascinating colorway that looks totally different depending on the base yarn.  (They all vary, but this one is an extreme case.)

I was looking for a stitch that wouldn’t cause the back of the tube (the stockinette side) to buckle.  Slipped stitches tend to do that.  I suddenly thought that maybe if I did multiple wraps on the slipped stitch, it would work out well.  I experimented with variants of that thought – reverse stockinette with the double wraps on the first reverse stockinette row then with the double wraps on the knit row, garter, eyelets.  There are three stripes of each of those, starting at the right.  I like the second one, probably the simplest, which is in purple to green in the sample.  That version might be worth trying on a sock or fingerless glove.

Next came a Ravelry sample.  (These are the colors used on the Ravelry site, and Meg has had this colorway available for several years.)

Sorry for the extra-bad photo.  This one is the same idea as the previous swatch, but scaled up.  One variant in this stands out for me, the one with Irish knots.  Here’s a closeup.

I think Irish knots are a really useful stitch maneuver – you knit and purl multiple times in the same stitch, then pass all loops but one over the last.  It’s way simpler to execute than a bobble and often gives a look I prefer.  And I think they did kind of nicely as emphasis for the center of a five by five square of stitches.

For the last few days, I’ve progressed enough in energy to work quite a bit on my Herbivore.  It’s looking gorgeous.  It takes a lot of time but very little thought, so it’s perfect for someone with reduced energy reserves.  Which is still me.  So I’m knitting mostly on it for the time being.  Hope you all are doing well!


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4 Responses to Swatching

  1. Laurie says:

    So sorry you’ve been sick – hope all is well now! Your swatches are wonderful, as is any yarn named “Zoinks!” LOL!

  2. So sorry you’ve been sick. Hope it’s behind you now.

    Those Irish knots are very cute. I’ve never heard of them before.

    Where do you get these amazing yarns? I love the colors and the way one color merges into another.

  3. Lori says:

    sick during vacation, that’s just not right. i protest on your behalf. really.

    i love all the yarns, and am drawn to the Irish knots!! so very cool-looking, it’s a stitch I’d never seen before. i can see how they’re more appealing than bobbles, which are hit or miss for me.

    i really hope you’re feeling better, anne!

  4. Sarah says:

    Hope you are recovering nicely, Anne. My 10-year-old and I had recently a stomach flu/virus in two weeks duration. It was no fun at all. At least, I’m thankful it’s all behind us (I hope.)

    My favorite is probably Hijinx. And ditto on the Irish knots…texture and beautiful yarn are made in heaven.

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