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Enjoying Little Things

Today was a pretty good day for me.  First, I had to exercise – not something I usually enjoy, but today I accomplished a little something.  I usually use the exercise bike for 36 minutes and get from 8.1 to … Continue reading

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One of the things that I am beginning to suspect very strongly is that doctors and others are often quite wrong-headed in things they say about exercise. They’re so anxious to make sure that people exercise “enough” that they frequently … Continue reading

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Is virtue its own reward? What is virtue anyway? The dictionary comes up with “moral excellence” and “doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.” My own working definition is “doing something I believe to be right but I … Continue reading

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Back Home – Hurrah!

I had an interesting and enjoyable trip to Portland, OR. There were three aspects to the trip that I’d like to mention here. Exercise My boss Larry (who was also on the trip) and I both belong to the same … Continue reading

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Exercise? Really?

One topic that I find myself thinking about fairly frequently these days is – of all things – exercise.   My husband Franklin and our son-in-law Jeff began exercising together over a year and a half ago when the first gym … Continue reading

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