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Embellishments (Wildcard)

I don’t have any thoughts on today’s Blog Week topic, which is what you plan to learn / accomplish in the next year.  Instead, I’m choosing another topic which I don’t have too much to say about, but at least … Continue reading

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Completed Cowl

Last night I finished my cowl.  As always, the end took longer than I thought.  I knit until I got towards the end of my yarn, then started weighing my yarn after every round.  It was the first time I’ve … Continue reading

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Progress and some Modeling

Today I finished the Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets for Tobias.  I really want to get some pictures of them on him, but until he drops by I will substitute a couple of other shots that demonstrate that there are now two … Continue reading

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We Interrupt our Fingerless Mitt Discussion …

I know I said that I would show you the start of my fingerless mitt for Franklin today, but Hazel is here with one of the hats I’ve recently given her and the beaded cuffs I made and gave her … Continue reading

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Real Pleasures

One of the pleasures in a knitter’s life is seeing people actually wearing things she (or he) has knit.  I’ve been lucky throughout my knitting career in that all my family has always been good about appreciating knit things.  In … Continue reading

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iPad for Travel

I bought a new iPad, which I’d been planning on doing, just in time for our trip to Columbus, because I thought it might be a good thing to travel with.  And it worked out pretty well.  Tobias has always … Continue reading

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Today I again had the pleasure of taking Hazel shopping for clothes.  Meg is even busier than usual at the moment – things that go wrong always seem to come in groups for her, even more than for most people.  … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Cheerful

In my blog readings this morning, I came across a post from Canary Knits which consisted of a list of reasons to be cheerful. I think everybody needs to be reminded that they have such a list, and I thought … Continue reading

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Shoe Shopping!

One of my Christmas presents to Hazel, my 8-year-old granddaughter, was a trip shopping to buy a pair of boots. Well, we tried really hard to find a pair that she liked, but there was nothing. The trip was a … Continue reading

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My Grandkids Can Act!

Last night we went to the opening night of Charlotte’s Web as produced by the Mason Youth Theater. (There are four performances in all.) My granddaughter Hazel is 8, in second grade, and a delightful munchkin, with a real talent … Continue reading

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