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I Didn’t Actually Fall off the Earth

Sorry I’ve been so silent lately.  After I finally went to urgent care for my cold on March 18th, I worked my way through my medication (which lasts a week) and my cough was just fading away when boom!  both … Continue reading

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Socks to Keep

In February of 2008 I knit a pair of socks that I was really looking forward to making.  I had made a swatch for my daughter Meg of Twisted Fiber Art in this colorway and pattern and decided I really … Continue reading

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Work was No Fun Today

Some days at work are just sort of ordinary not fun – you know, you’re doing boring stuff and it seems as though the day will never end.  Then there are days like this … I’m part of a team … Continue reading

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I’m Not Gone …

Sorry I haven’t been around much.  There’s the usual summer doldrums, complicated by a bit of family drama, and I haven’t felt like doing anything.  Knitting has been hard to do, and blogging even more so.  But I missed you, … Continue reading

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Enjoying Little Things

Today was a pretty good day for me.  First, I had to exercise – not something I usually enjoy, but today I accomplished a little something.  I usually use the exercise bike for 36 minutes and get from 8.1 to … Continue reading

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On the Lookback Technique

One of the silly things that I am inclined to do is to use a technique that I’m sure is fairly commonly used, but I don’t happen to know a term for it – I call it the Lookback Technique.  … Continue reading

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My Town in the Movies?

I still haven’t had to report for jury duty.  We drove by the courthouse today on our way home from the gym and saw one of the streets bordering the courthouse was closed and there were several trucks and lots … Continue reading

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A Short Post Tonight

Today, I am absolutely exhausted.  Last night I went to sleep peacefully, waking up as I do most nights at right around 4 AM.  Went back to bed, lay down to sleep – and suddenly remembered, out of nowhere, that … Continue reading

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Vacation – with Knitters Connection

On Wednesday morning, the six of us – my husband Franklin, our daughter Meg, her husband Jeff, Tobias her 14 year old and Hazel the eight-year-old and I piled into Franklin’s mini-van and headed off for Columbus.  Meg’s birthday was … Continue reading

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I’m Back

We had a great time in Columbus.  Knitters Connection was great fun and we learned a lot.  I had the huge pleasure of meeting Laurie of The Art of Tying Holes Together on the way in.  My first encounter in … Continue reading

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